Double the YouTube: Now you can upload 2GB videos

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youtube_hdFans of YouTube should be happy, since they have just doubled the size of uploads for users from 1GB to 2GB. The change counts for regular account holders, no fancy account status needed. According to the company, the increase is to compensate for users’ HD uploads.

This is a pretty nice move on their part considering they only recently made the move to 1GB from 100MB back in September 2008. One thing to take into account is that even with the size increase, any non-partner videos still remain limited to 10 minutes in length.

For those people that do make use of uploading HD videos to share and embed, YouTube has made the process easier than it was previously. All you have to do now is add “&hd=1″ (without the quotes) to the YouTube URL, and if possible, it will play in HD. Or, you also have the “Play in HD” option you can use when you are configuring things to embed your code to copy and paste it somewhere.

Apparently one user, Barry Schwartz, actually had his account upload limit raised to a whopping 20GB, even though a YouTube spokesperson said the limit is 2GB. So, whether this is a freakazoid anomaly or a privileged few are being handed some kind of “Oh, you’re lucky. Try this on for size accounts” remains to be seen.

Regardless, double the size? Thanks, YouTube. I’m sure that will make lots of folks rather happy. Because like they say, size matters.

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