iJector projects 50 inch video from your iPod

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The iPod and iPhone are great devices for watching video on the go, that’s never really been much of a secret. But, what about when you want to watch that episode of “30 Rock” on a large screen rather than the max 3.5 inch screen on the touch and iPhone? Sure, you could just watch it on your computer, or stream it to tv, but that would be boring, and make for a decent picture. Wouldn’t you much rather project that video with a size of 50 inches?

The iJector, due out in Japan on July 17th will do just that. It will project a 50 inch video with a resolution of 557×234, which most likely will not look very good at all. It will also play back the sound in amplified stereo, so there’s no need for extra speakers. It will work with just about every iPod that supports video from the fifth generation iPod up to the iPod touch and iPhone, so there should be few compatibility problems. It will even come with composite cables to show video from other sources in low resolution.

The iJector just doesn’t seem like a great idea. There might be an audience that wants to project video from their iPod for others to see, but it would just make a lot more sense to get an tv and to stream all that media to a projector or HDTV. Especially considering that the iJector will ship at the US equivalent of $670, it seems like even more of a bad idea.

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