Solar powered mobile from Sharp launches in Japan

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Solar Phone SH002

Sharp has released the new Solar Phone SH002 in Japan this month as a way to get a jump on the solar powered cell phone market. The company claims that ten minutes of sun exposure allows for one minute of talk time or two hours of standby time. Sharp has also stated that the Solar Phone SH002 is waterproof.

To use, the solar panel on the outside should be placed in direct sunlight. As it charges, either a “Charging” or “Solar Power Not Available” will appear on the device. Outlet charging is also available on the mobile.

Initial reports state that the Solar Phone SH002 does not have the ability to rely solely on the sun to operate and the solar powered functionality should only be used as a backup. Product testers found that it took approximately sixty minutes to get three minutes of talk time out of the device. The solar power option is ideal though for an emergency situation where a charger is not available. Announcements have been made that Samsung and LG are both currently working on solar powered cell phones for distribution in the United States.

Read: [Fast Company]

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