TiVo announces a new upgrade program for existing customers

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TiVo LogoToday, TiVo announced a new program that will allow current users to upgrade their current DVR set up to a new HD DVR set up. Many TiVo customers probably don’t have the income to purchase all this luxury equipment, such as HD DVR, and are often stuck using their regular DVR. Well, starting today TiVo is rewarding their veteran customers by offering them $50 off an HD DVR.

Basically, as long as you have been a TiVo customer for a year, you are eligible for the $50 discount. All you have to do is sign onto your TiVo account and you can save $50 or more off a brand new HD DVR. It looks like the program is a mainstay as TiVo hopes to keep customers as well as gain new ones with exciting offers and promotions. Remember, TiVo allows for instant Netflix streaming, access to YouTube videos straight from your television, Amazon Video On Demand access (as well as HD video access), and advanced search for broadcast and broadband content.

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Company Site: [TiVo]

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