Wife of British spy chief makes Facebook blunder

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facebookThis sounds almost unbelievable but it’s true. Lady Shelly Sawers created a Facebook account for herself and filled it with family photos, info about her children and where her family lived, and other assorted tidbits of personal information.

Why is it unbelievable? Because her husband just so happens to be Sir John Sawers who just got a new job as the head of MI6, Britain’s equivalent of our CIA. Not too smart to be posting large amounts of personal and identifying information when your husband is more or less the chief spy for the United Kingdom!

What made the blunder worse was that Lady Sawers ignored all the privacy tools Facebook provides to its users and left her profile completely public, which meant the info was available to anyone who happened to wander by.

When the media alerted the British Foreign Office of the Lady’s account it was abruptly and immediately deleted from the service. Neither Sir Sawers or his wife have had any comment on the matter.

The moral of the story? Don’t put anything on your FB page you would be uncomfortable seeing on the front page of the New York Times, and use the privacy tools they offer to keep your page private and secure.

Read [Cnet]

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  • gandharva

    I Think no one and nothing is safe in this world.

    And now no one could believe on each other.

    But according to above Created and mentioned paragraphs should not be unbelievable? Since maximum no of our families and in this world uses parents ATM and Back Card is Believable than I asked you Why this unbelievable? If she created for their babies and children.

    It should not be vulnerable and unbelievable.