Microsoft looking to launch their own music streaming website?

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According to Peter Bale, executive producer of MSN, Microsoft has plans to launch a music streaming service by the end of July, one that would be similar to Spotify. The music streaming industry is a popular and profitable one, as there are many different services such as Pandora,, Spotify, and Hypem. Since Microsoft’s music streaming service is rumored to be similar to Spotify’s, let’s see what makes Spotify unique.

Basically, users are able to stream and listen to music but are required to listen to one minute of advertising every 30 minutes of music streaming. However, users can opt to pay 9.99 Euros a month in order to listen to advertising free music. For any music streaming service to survive, smart advertising is key, so expect Microsoft to implement ads as well. However, expect there to be a paid option as well. Microsoft’s music stream service is said to allow users to listen to music as well as download and purchase any they like. An interesting concept with Microsoft’s music streaming could be whether it ties in with the Xbox 360. Would users be able to stream and listen to music straight from their Xbox 360 setup? That is a certainly a possibility. Let’s not rule out ways in which Microsoft could relate the Zune to the music stream.

Again, the expected unveiling date of such a website is by the end of July.

Via [The Telegraph]

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    it is no surprise that they are heading on to this direction. microsoft can do anything they like because they have the means to do it.

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    i hope it is as good as Apple's