Official Google Voice apps coming for Android and BlackBerry, but not for the iPhone or Pre

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Despite Google Voice still not being open for anyone to sign up without first having been invited, the smartphones apps are beginning to roll out. In an announcement that came via the official Google Voice Twitter account, we now know that we can expect to see an Android and a BlackBerry app become available this morning (Wednesday, July 15,2009).

“Google Voice apps for Android and Blackberry coming out on Wed morning.”

Of course, just about anyone will be able to notice there are a few other smartphones that are missing — namely the iPhone and the Palm Pre. As to when or of we can expect to see them, unfortunately Google has not announced any details or plans as to a release date other then to let everyone know that an iPhone version is in the works, it just was not ready.

We have yet to see either app in action, however according to other reports the one for Android is going to be more full featured as compared to the BlackBerry version. That said, both apps will allow the user to make as well as receive calls from their Google Voice number as opposed to their cell number. Additionally, users on either Android or the BlackBerry will also be able to send and receive text messages, check voicemail and view their call history.

Finally, Android users will be able to download the app from the Android Market. As for BlackBerry users, they will have to download it directly from Google because it will not be listed in the BlackBerry App World.

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