Palm releases Mojo SDK for all developers – let the webOS apps roll in

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Mojo SDK Announcement

In a move today that is sure to please all developers, Palm announced the release of the Mojo SDK, related documents, and support forums. As long as you have a valid email address, you can begin downloading the SDK here. With the Mojo SDK you can build apps for Palm’s webOS.

So far, the Palm Pre App Catalog features 30 apps which were designed by select companies. Those 30 apps have been downloaded 1.8 million times, which just goes to show how popular the App Catalog has been so far. Now, app submissions will not be looked at until the Fall. So you still have a few months to design your app and get it ready for Palm’s staff to look it over. Palm can only hope the popularity of the App Catalog thus far will encourage developers to create new, innovative apps for the Pre. If anything can be learned from Apple’s successful iPhone venture, the more apps you have in your app store the more popular the device will be.

It will be interesting to see how the App Catalog changes once Fall rolls around.

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