Yahoo and Microsoft reportedly close to making online search deal

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Yahoo SearchMicrosoft and Yahoo are reportedly in the final stages of ironing out a deal that will involve the two companies partnering up to provide online searches and web advertisements. The details of the potential deal are sketchy, but it seems as though Microsoft would pay Yahoo billions of dollars to take over the search advertising end of its business. Yahoo will also be in charge of selling premium advertising space to make a profit for both of the companies.

The Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has indicated for some time that he would like to make some sort of search deal with Yahoo although complete acquisition of the company is not a consideration at this time. The initial success of the recently launched Bing search engine from Microsoft has been said to give the company certain leverage over Yahoo in these most recent string of discussions.

Currently, neither company has officially commented on the status of the deal. It is believed that both Yahoo and Microsoft are keeping any details close to the vest due to past negotiations that have fallen through.

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