5 Questions with TechVi’s Randall Bennett

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5 Questions with TechVi's Randall Bennett1. Who are you?
Randall Bennett, technology enthusiast and content creator. I run as the Executive Producer.

2. Facebook, Twitter, or something else and why?
Facebook for my family and “real” friends, and Twitter for my internet pals (@randallb), because I need a replacement for watercooler chat when I work from home.

3. What is the gadget you couldn’t live without (and why)?
MacBook Pro. Not sure if it’s a “gadget” proper, but it’s basically everything I do in my life. I shoot my show using it, edit video, write biz docs, email, facebook, twitter, use it as my media center with Boxee, and pretty much everything I do for a living revolves around it.

4. Most regrettable piece of tech you own [mine’s an original Sony Reader]
Motorola Q. I got it for free from Sprint with their SERO plan to use primarily as a modem, but as I’ve used it as a phone, I’ve grown to loathe Windows Mobile even more. Oh, that and the battery life is absolute crap.

5. If you could wish a gadget into existence, what would it be?
A non-AT&T iPhone that could actually send and receive calls reliably, and also not have exorbitant pricing for the plan. Oh, that, and a gadget that automatically promotes my website,, so I don’t have to oddly do it in non-applicable questions.

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