Zoom Q3: Professional audio and high quality video

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Zoom Q3 Handy Camcorder

Known for their high end audio recording products, Zoom has somewhat strayed away from their comfort zone to create a handy camcorder. What’s interesting about this product is the amount of emphasis Zoom places on the audio aspect of the video it can record. Zoom claims the microphones are similar to what can be found in recording studios in order for the audio quality to be as high as possible.

The Q3 boasts a 2.4 inch LCD screen, runs on 2 AA batteries, and has SDHC card support up to 16GB. In addition, the camcorder features on board editing software called HandyShare, which also allows for YouTube video upload. Expect the batteries to hold out for two straight hours of 640 x 480 video resolution recording, and a refresh rate of 30 FPS. In terms of audio quality, the camcorder has the ability to record audio at 24-bit/48 kHz, which is similar to high definition audio quality. In a sense, you can even focus the microphones to pick up certain sounds better than others, which lets you take control of videos even more.

The 32GB SDHC card will allow up to 16 hours of video recording, it can connect to a computer via USB, so users can easily upload and edit videos to their hard drive and then share it on the web. Built-in speakers allow for immediate playback so you can hear the audio clarity and decide whether another shot needs to be taken. It’s always nice to see a camcorder place such a strong emphasis on audio quality.

I can definitely see such a camcorder be popular with people who go to concerts often and like to record the show. The camcorder is set to be available for $249.

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    Excellent Configuration so much wow factor only lacking litium ion battery