Olympus announces three new digital cameras

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FE-4000 in Magenta Pink

Olympus recently announced a few new digital cameras for the FE lineup of cameras. The new digital cameras include the FE-5020, FE-4000 (shown above), and FE-26. Each share some common features and will begin shipping next month.


Let’s take a look at each camera and see what special features they contain. To start, we have the FE-5020, which is the headline camera featuring 12MP capabilities, sporting a 5x super wide zoom, 2.7 inch LCD screen, and various Magic Filters to make the pictures it takes supposedly better in quality. In addition, it features advanced face detection technology, i-Auto mode, and AF tracking. It is set to be available in white, gray, brown, and blue.


Moving on, we have the FE-4000 digital camera, which also features 12MP and a 2.7 inch LCD viewing screen, but only a 4x wide zoom. Similar to the 5020, it features AF tracking and i-Auto, which should help in maintaining sharp and focused pictures. Users can take advantage of the Magic Filters whenever taking shots to add interesting twists to images and make them unique. The 4000 will be available in slightly more colors including white, gray, blue, orange, and magenta.


The last camera is the FE-26, which also features 12MP, 3x zoom and the common 2.7 inch LCD viewing screen. Like the other two cameras, it comes with AF tracking, i-Auto mode, digital image stabilization, and advanced face detection. The FE-26 comes in a few less colors including pink, blue, and black. Unfortunately, the FE-26 runs on AA batteries, while the other two cameras feature internal rechargeable batteries.

All three cameras support microSD memory expansion to store even more photos. The FE-5020 has onboard memory of 48MB, while the last two cameras only have 19MB of onboard memory. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a microSD card, just so you can take more than 10 pictures.

Expect all cameras to begin shipping within August-September for under $200.

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    I want to buy a digital cameras now.

  • Arturo

    My first digital camera was an olympus. It was rather clunky. They look much nicer now. I'm debating whether I should buy a new camera or not. My two options as far as brands are cannon and olympus. This model looks nice and decent features (face detection is the best)

  • rubenrubert

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