Facebook opens door to more photos and videos

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Facebook email upload

Love peppering your Facebook page with photos but hate the one at a time upload system? It seems the folks at Facebook have heard your cry because now they’ve opened up a new route for you to post your images. Now you can simply email photos and video to your customized email upload address and begin adding to your mobile image collection.

To get access to this new feature, simply visit the Facebook mobile page to receive your personal email address. Users can send as many emails and videos as your email provider can handle. Users can also title their images by filling that information in the subject line of the email (multiple emails will all have that same subject but they can be changed by logging onto the site).

Users can still upload photos to the site while on the go by MMS, logging onto the site via a mobile browser, and through the native apps such as the iPhone Facebook app.

Via: [Facebook blog]

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