Oddball Tech: SIM address book works on every carrier and read the Kindle in the dark

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Oddball Tech: SIM address book works on every carrier, read the Kindle in the dark

All your contacts on a SIM card, book?

SIM cards are great. Whenever you want to switch phones pop your SIM card out of your old phone, put it in another phone and all your contacts and your phone number comes with you. If you like that SIM card form factor, you can go old school with the SIMbook address book. Shaped like a SIM card, it’s just an address book that you write data in using some kind of writing instrument. Apparently, the SIMbook is water resistant, does not crash, and can be used with any carrier. [Source]

High tech, meet low tech

Maybe you’ve picked up an Amazon Kindle, the device that can put a library in your hands. Since it uses E Ink technology, there is no backlight. If you want to read a book in the dark, you’d have to get two sticks together, start a fire, and read by that fire being careful not to melt your Kindle in the raging flames that will engulf your living room. The M-Edge e-Luminator2 looks to save you thousands of dollars in fire damage by putting a light on a gooseneck that attaches to the Kindle for $24.99 ($19.99 for a limited time). Nothing like the marriage of high tech and low tech. [Source]

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