5 Questions with Bug Lab’s Alicia Gibb

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5 Questions with Bug Lab's Alicia Gibb
Photo Credit: Melinda Caric

1. Who are you?
I am a researcher and rapid prototyper. When I’m not doing research on the crossroads of technology and art, I’m prototyping artwork that blinks, twitches, and might even be tasty to eat. I have a master’s degree in information science and am close to finishing up my second master’s in art history. As Bug Lab’s chief laboratory technician, I administer a workshop for exploring the instant innovation available with modular technology components.

2. Facebook, Twitter, or something else and why?
Real life. I find it easier to collectively build hardware face to face.

3. Gadget you couldn’t live without (and why)?
BUG from Bug Labs of course! Open source hardware and software so I can mod it any way I like.

4. Most regrettable piece of tech you own
The horseless carriage, so much wasted fossil fuels and pollution. We can do better.

5. If you could wish a gadget into existence, what would it be?
I don’t have to wish, I can build it with my BUG. It is the age of making and doing!

Company Site: [Bug Labs]

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