$9,599 for ultra-light Cannondale mountain bike

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Cannondale Flash all $9,599 of her

Cannondale announced some chosen 2010 models and among them was this gem: Cannondale Flash, a 29″ wheel mountain bike. There is more than just the price tag ($9,599 – gulp) that makes one take notice of this new branch in the Cannondale family.

First up is the weight. This complete bike weighs in at a unbelievably light 16.56 lbs. The Flash features a Lefty single-sided fork and SRAM’s new XX groupset (minus some weight-saving replacements like the Hollowgram crankset). My non suspended road bike doesn’t come close to weighing 16 and a half pounds. The lucky riders that get to throw a leg over this will feel that $10 grand almost throwing the bike forward.

Up second is the frame. Constructed of high-modulus carbon fiber usually reserved for fancy road bikes, Cannondale artfully changed up some of the high-stress areas that a mountain bike frame while staying focused on being light. Carbon fiber is used on road bikes because it is light and soaks up road vibrations and Cannondale is looking to have this frame soak up some bumps on the trail.

Top tube of the carbon cannondale flash

As Cannondale loves to do, this frame will become a new branch in the Cannondale line up. That means for a mere $3,749 you can get the same frame with a different parts spec. In fact, Cannondale will turn this one frame into 5 different models at various price points. Most riders know that investing in a good frame is a smart move as upgrading parts is part of the fun.

The 29er revolution is upon us. It is amazing to get any bike to weigh 16lbs, it is even more impressive to do it with a 29″ wheel. The larger size is winning over many riders and Cannondale has caught a lot of attention with a 29er at this weight. The larger wheel makes getting up and over obstacles easier and holds speed better than the traditional 26″ wheels.

Need proof the revolution is here? At the MTB Nationals just this month, the top six places looked like this:

  • 1st place: 29er
  • 2nd place: 29er
  • 3rd place: 29er
  • 4th place: 29er
  • 5th place: 29er
  • 6th place: 26″ (yeah)

If this bike doesn’t make you want to get out there and find some twisty trails to rock, something is definitely wrong with you.

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  • paul Barton

    the flash isn't a 29" bike – it's a range of hardtails in alloy and carbon that include some (2?) 29ers. Most, including the 16.56lb bike, will be 26" wheeled bikes.