Study: students carry lousy cell phones; one browser aims to enlighten them all

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bolt browser on blackberry tour Bitstream, the developer behind the increasingly popular Bolt browser, conducted a study of college students in the US and concluded a good 45% of them do not access the internet on their phone. Despite having phones that are likely capable, these students choose not to. The 55% that do access the net on their phones, typically do so for social networking purposes, not to advance their academics.

So what is keeping the 45% down? Bitstream suspects the likely cause is twofold: carrier enforced data charges for a phone that is likely to smell like stale beer in short order and many students are not aware their phones can access the net. My thoughts quickly flash back to the painful Internet experience on my Windows Mobile phone. Bitstream hopes to make the case that their Bolt browser can solve the poor internet experience.

The Bolt browser is hugely popular in India and many say it beats Opera mini. called the browser, “stellar” in announcing its Beta3 release last month. The latest release adds things like copy/paste, easy text entry, and works with an upgraded server to Webkit 4 (which all traffic from the browser gets routed through).

A quick look at the comments on usage range from “fastest browser I’ve ever used” to “too slow.” In any event, the browser is offered for free.

Product page: [Bolt Browser]

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  • KA09

    In deed, it is an phenomena that carrier enforced data charges for a phone. The Bolt browser will be more and more popular!