Sony Reader PRS-300, PRS-600 details leak via user manuals

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Sony Reader PRS-300, PRS-600 details leak via User Manuals

The details on two yet-to-be-released Sony Readers have been revealed courtesy of leaked user manuals. The new devices are the PRS-300 and the PRS-600 an although we do not have any release or pricing information, we can tell you that they manuals are dated for July 2009. That said, it seems safe to believe that unless Sony throws something really special in to make these models stand out, they are going to have to be competitively priced in regards to the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX.

The PRS-300 will have 440MB of internal memory with no option for external storage and a five-inch display. The PRS-600 will also have 440MB of internal storage, however it will have an SD card slot for additional storage and a slightly larger 6-inch display.

Additionally, both the PRS-300 and the PRS-600 will be available in red, silver and black. Finally, and this is unfortunate, nothing was mentioned in regards to any built-in wireless connectivity.

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