Netflix and Amazon advance streaming movie efforts

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Netflix and Amazon advance streaming movie effortsInstant streaming movies really seem to be the way everything is going. Blu-ray isn’t exactly the hottest selling format and an increasing number of players are also including streaming services for those who want to watch something right that moment rather than going to get the disc, or waiting for it to arrive. While many set top boxes currently have Netflix, Amazon is making agreements to expand its Video on Demand service. Netflix isn’t standing still, however, and is making its own agreements to get big name deals.

For Amazon, the announcement has come that it’s Video on Demand service is coming to all VIERA CAST Panasonic Blu-ray players. This not only includes the normal players that you attach to an HDTV, but also Panasonic’s portable player, the B15. The upgrade that includes Amazon Video on Demand is free for all users. Now all they’ll need is an Internet connection to access all of Amazon’s streaming content. VIERA CAST can also access YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, Bloomberg News, and weather, which means the addition of Amazon Video on Demand means more people will actually use it.

Not to be outdone in terms of big name deals, Netflix today announced a deal with ABC. The deal will put many of ABC’s TV shows on Netflix’s Watch Instantly service. The deal includes seasons four and five of “Desperate Housewives,” season five of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and seasons one and two of “Legend of the Seeker.” The biggest part of the deal is it also includes the first five seasons of “Lost.” With three of the most popular shows on TV in recent memory (sorry “Legend of the Seeker”), this is huge for Netflix. Now anyone with the one of the myriad Netflix-enabled devices can actually catch up on Lost if they’ve never watched it, or revisit their favorite episodes.

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