Bell Canada to start selling Palm Pre on August 27, now accepting pre-orders

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Bell Canada to start selling Palm Pre on August 27, now accepting pre-ordersUp until now, it wasn’t known when Bell Canada would be selling the highly anticipated Palm Pre. Today, Bell drafted a press release in which outlined the contract information, pricing, and of course, the release date. On August 27, the Palm Pre will officially be sold, but between now and then, Canadians have the ability to place a pre-order.

The webOS running Palm Pre will be available with a few options. Probably the most common will be to purchase the Palm Pre with a three year contract for 199.95 Canadian dollar, which converts to about $187. In case the three year contract doesn’t sound attractive, customers have the ability to purchase the Pre without a contract for 599.95 CAD or $561, with a minimum 500MB data plan. Within the contract, customers have the ability to choose voice, data, and SMS plans.

It will be interesting to see how many Pres are available for purchase upon the August 27 launch and how the launch up north compares to the American launch. Are any of our Canadian readers thinking about purchasing a Palm Pre?

Read [Bell Press Release] Image Via [FutureShop]

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