Dell to launch an Android based mobile phone in China (or so the rumor says)

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Dell to launch an Android based mobile phone in China, or so the rumor saysWe have seen reports in the past which suggested that Dell had an Android-based smartphone in the works, and once again that rumor has resurfaced. The latest is coming courtesy of TechCrunch, who are reporting that a “source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Dell is launching (or at least announcing) a mobile phone in China in the next day or two.”

Of course, there are many important details missing. So far we do not have any leaked images, any specs, or even any pricing information. In addition, it is still unclear as if this handset will be heading to China Mobile or China Unicom. As of now, the details on the phone itself suggest that it will be a touchscreen device that lacks any physical keyboard.

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