Microsoft Surface now onsite at Harrah’s in Atlantic City

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Microsoft Surface now onsite at Harrah's in Atlantic City

It was just over a year ago that we saw the Microsoft Surface make an appearance at Harrah’s Rio bar in Las Vegas and now it will also be on-site at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.

The Surface will be on display at the Xhibition Bar and visitors will be able to sit down and get hands-on with any of the seven available units. Those visiting will be able to use Hip-notic, which is a video application that shows online videos as well as play High Roller (a bowling game), Last call (a music memory game) and See and Be Scene which features photos taken from Harrah’s both in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Additionally, the Surface units will also have Virtual AC so visitors will be able to get a virtual tour of Atlantic City.

All things considered the Surface is fun and exciting to play with, that said, the last application that I mentioned (Virtual AC) sounds like it could be better unused. I am not saying that I would not sit down and play with the Surface for a few minutes if I were in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but getting a virtual tour of a city that you are in just sounds bad, remember technology is cool, but we also need to get out and enjoy the real world. Given that, Virtual AC would be nice to scout out some potential locations that you may want to visit.

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