Microsoft officially confirms Zune HD pricing and availability

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Microsoft Zune HD

It looks like all the rumors we posted on the Zune HD’s pricing were indeed correct. Unfortunately, the rumored date of September 8, was off and the Best Buy packaging indicating a September 15 release date was also correct. Today, Microsoft issued a press release containing information on availability and pricing.

On September 15, the 16GB and 32GB models alike will be available in the Zune official website, (since they posted the price), Best Buy (also heavily involved in rumors), Walmart, and of course Microsoft. The estimated retail price for the 16GB model will be $219.99, while the estimated retail price for the 32 GB model will be $289.99. The interesting part of the press release is when the pre-orders will take place. Starting Thursday, customers have the opportunity to pre-order a Zune online at . Starting August 16, Best Buy will be taking pre-orders and if you go to a store on August 22 or 23 customers will be able to test out the new Zune.

It looks like with this official statement, all the rumors will subside. The ball is in Apple’s court and it will be interesting to see what they do with it.

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