AT&T sued for lack of iPhone MMS

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iPhone MMS

When Apple first announced the iPhone 3.0 upgrade and later when it debuted the iPhone 3GS it was happy to tout the new MMS features. The feature would roll out immediately with 3.0 to most every iPhone carrier. AT&T was the one exception, though at the time it was said MMS support would come by August. Well, it’s now August and MMS is still nowhere to be found. Cue lawsuit.

This particular lawsuit is a class action from Louisiana under the state’s Unfair Trade Practices Act. The suit complains that Apple “advertised heavily” the arrival of MMS on the iPhone. Apple did make a big deal out of MMS support for the 3.0 upgrade, so that is no surprise. There’s also complaints that AT&T was advertising the new iPhone’s ability to send MMS messages, which it still hasn’t implemented.

What doesn’t make sense is that the suit complains about AT&T not upgrading its towers to handle MMS. AT&T can certainly handle MMS on every other phone on the network, it just doesn’t support the feature on the iPhone. Presumably this is to prevent the network from collapsing (similar to why the SlingPlayer for iPhone only works on Wi-Fi).

The surprising part is that it took this long for someone to sue for lack of MMS on the iPhone. It seems like such a standard service now. It was always pathetic that the cheapest feature phones could send them when the iPhone couldn’t. It seems like a bit of a waste to file a class action lawsuit, however. Chances are Jobs is more annoyed about AT&T not supporting the new features than any of us are.

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  • Luey

    Great. Good. About time. One lawsuit I can agree with.

  • Mike Racanelli

    i think i'm more annoyed by AT&T than Jobs is. he gets paid, whereas i'm paying. i'm actually switching from AT&T to Verizon and getting a Blackberry Tour (as an iphone early adopter 2 years ago). I'm a huge huge apple fan, but AT&T is killing me. The service is horrible, voicemail was out for 3 weeks for me. I finally found Randall Stephenson's work and personal email addresses, emailed him about my problems and that I'm switching, and someone from AT&T executive relations called the next day. They had to delete my voicemail box to fix it (deleting my saved voicemails in the process). They credited my bill, and had apple on the phone trying to get it to work…which it finally does, but the voicemails show up at least 45 minutes later. she finally admitted to me on the phone that they knew about the voicemail problem and were "announcing it today"

    Needless to say, jump ship now, do NOT go to AT&T. do not.

  • Luey

    Yes, there are issues with every carrier. I could go on about my past problems, but for me ATT has been excellent reception with no issues. Mike, why on earth would you let your voicemail go out for 3 weeks? I do not believe your story.

  • Shawn Ingram

    Mike, the problems I've been hearing about AT&T paired with the issues of Apple's ridiculous App Store policies are what caused me to not switch to the iPhone 3GS. However, my recent quality issues with Verizon are what cause me to switch to T-Mobile for the MyTouch 3g, haven't had any issues as of yet.