Gmail pushes to number three in email, kicks AOL mail down

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Gmail pushes to number three in email, kicks AOL mail downDespite its apparent popularity, Google’s Gmail surprisingly still isn’t the top email service out there. Earlier this year Gmail was sitting as the number four email service based on total unique visitors per month. Last month, that changed when Gmail surpassed AOL Email for the first time. That’s a pretty big feat considering the two were separated by about 20 million uniques.

The change saw Gmail increasing its uniques by 25 percent, while AOL Email decreased by 22 percent. Google came out with 37 million uniques for July, while AOL had 36.4 million, so the margin isn’t huge, but it certainly is there. For comparison, Hotmail, the number two, clocked in at 47 million uniques while Yahoo Mail recorded 106 million for the month. So while Google may have surpassed the flailing AOL, it still has some healthy company in the super popular Hotmail and Yahoo.

Given these numbers it wouldn’t be surprising if Gmail passes Hotmail by at least this time next year, if not sooner. What makes determining accurate numbers difficult is the fact that it’s so easy to have multiple email accounts with each of the services. Surely I can’t be the only one who has at least one email with each of the top services, even if one or more is now abandoned. Google might to work at getting next few million visitors, though maybe its advertising campaign for bringing Google to offices might help. Or maybe Google just needs to find some other way to convince its users to use Gmail, chances are they already have Google accounts, or at least YouTube accounts, just need to convince them that Gmail will add to those experiences in some way.

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