i.TV looks to make the iPhone into a universal remote

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The TiVo UI on the i.TV App 2.0i.TV is an app in the App Store that deals with all television media. The app has tons of features as it can tell you which programs are on when, rate programs and obtain reviews. i.TV lets you check out local movies, purchase tickets, has YouTube support and even has the ability manage your Netflix queque. All of these functions right from your iPhone or iPod touch is pretty enticing, especially considering that it is all for free. Today, i.TV is looking to take that one step further with the 2.0 version of the app which features a Remote Control Framework.

Using this framework, i.TV is looking to develop partnerships with various TV and DVR companies in order to create a universal remote control. For example, they have already partnered up with TiVo hoping to allow users to control their TiVo HD or TiVo HD XL via iPhone. Basically, you can change the channel, fast forward the show, record whatever you are watching or what you want to watch, and have the ability to play the content you have stored.

I don’t know about you, but I lose my remote control a lot more than I lose my cell phone, so having the ability to use my cell phone to change the channel and perform all these other functions could definitely be pretty useful. Connectivity between the iPhone and the TiVo is made possible by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a dock.

Example of the new UI with TV information

Possibly to appease Apple to approve their 2.0 app, i.TV has added the ability to purchase content from iTunes that is related to the show(s) you want to watch. In addition, using the 3.0 software’s push notifications, the i.TV app can let you know when a new show is about to air even when the app is closed, ensuring you will never miss your favorite show again.

The app is supposed to be approved by Apple sometime this month and then it will become available to download for free. The concept of the iPhone acting as a remote control is definitely an interesting one. Why waste money to buy a universal remote control such as a Logitech Harmony remote control when you can simply download an app on your already-paid-for iPhone? It will be interesting to see in the future if i.TV partners up with any other company to create the necessary codes for compatibility with TVs and DVRs other than TiVo. i.TV has the Remote Control Framework already laid out, they are just looking for additional partners.

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