Gadgetell Review: Ecogear Black Rhino laptop bag

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Black Rhino

What is it?

Ecogear has released a new series of environmentally friendly and functional laptop bags, including the Black Rhino. The bag is produced from sustainable materials, such as PVC free nylon and non-toxic dyes. The Black Rhino bag has a MSRP of $60.

The Good

The Black Rhino is a backpack style laptop carrier with enough organizer pockets to carry all of your accessories, including cell phones, office supplies and more. It’s not bulky and was really lightweight even after I loaded it with my laptop, some folders, iPod and wallet. Everything was easily accessible as well and did not take long to load and unload. The mesh vent back made using it very comfortable, since I didn’t feel overheated walking around with it.

My favorite feature of the Black Rhino was the padding that Ecogear used to not only secure your laptop, but also keep you comfortable while carrying it. There’s about an inch of lightweight padding on the shoulder straps as well as a removable padded sleeve that you place your laptop inside of.

The Bad

The $60 price tag seems a bit steep for a laptop bag.

The Crux

I thought the price was high at first for a backpack before I gave the bag a test drive. Now after using the bag over the course of the week, I think it’s totally worth it.

Site: [Ecogear]

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