Nimbb: not exactly a Twitter video site

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Nimbb Front Page

Despite Twitter’s lack of a business model, there has been no shortage of sites whose entire reason for living is Twitter. The latest of these seems to be video for Twitter from sites like Twitvid, though it started back with Upon first inspection that’s exactly what Nimbb looks to be. The first page you see is a simple page that asks you to record a shot video from a webcam to share with others, or to sign up for their surface.

After emailing Benjamin Berube of D2Soft Technologies, the company behind Nimbb, it seems that Nimbb isn’t exactly what it seems. Nimbb is actually more targeted towards web developers as what Berube describes as the “Lego Building Block for Video.” It’s meant as more of a way to create you own Twitter video site, or Seesmic competitor. Though building another site like that may not yield the best results, Nimbb can also be used to add video to any site. For a blog such as this one, Berube is quick to point out that Nimbbe can be set up to allow users to leave video comments, or for writers to embed short video clips into blog posts.

Using Nimbb isn’t exactly free, though. There’s tier pricing on the service that ranges from free to $127 a month. The different tiers gradually increase in video quality, video length, and number of videos per site monthly. The free tier has one major downside in that videos expire after only 30 days, which could make it useful maybe only for Twitter.

When asked about bringing Nimmb to other platforms, he said it was “absolutely” in the works. However, he wasn’t able to share more information beyond that as to which platforms it would be coming to. Right now the focus is on giving developers using the beta of Nimbb the best possible service and support. Sounds like a good plan.

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