Import your Facebook Phonebook into your Google Contacts using Greasemonkey on Firefox

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Import your Facebook Phonebook into your Google Contacts using Greasemonkey on FirefoxPlenty of people are now using both Facebook and Google to manage their contact list, but unfortunately it is has not been easy to get your friends contact data out of Facebook for use in other contact lists. Now thanks to a Greasemonkey script which is appropriately called Export Facebook Phonebook you will be able to export your Facebook Phonebook and then merge that data with your Google Contacts.

To begin, you will first need to be using Firefox as well as Greasemonkey. For those unfamiliar with Greasemonkey, in short it “allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.” If you have not already been using Greasemonkey, you may want to check out what is available, there are a bunch of good scripts that make a wide variety of websites much more useful.

Anyway, getting back to exporting your Facebook Phonebook, what you will need to do is first make sure Greasemonkey is installed, and then (in Firefox) go to Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User Script Commands -> and then look for “Export Facebook Phonebook.” From there the data will be exported into AddressBooker which then offers the option to add or merge those contacts with your Google Contacts.

Sure, it is not a quick and easy automated process, but still a very useful tool for anyone who primarily uses Google Contacts and does not want to have to move their Facebook contacts phone numbers on an individual basis.

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    Facebook contacts can be exported in .CSV format..

  • lenzen

    nice article..thanks

  • sabritech

    Is there any way or tool by which we can import Gmail contacts into Facebook account.


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  • Ajay

    One tried and tested method to import facebook contacts is through yahoo. See this for more details.