BlackBerry users earn approximately 27% less says study

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crackberry: BB users make 27% less says study According to a new study by Peninsula, a UK employment law firm says BlackBerry users work an extra 15 hours per week thanks to their devices. These 15 hours are typically unpaid and as such, means users are reducing their income by 27%* by working more hours, yet receive the same pay. Put another way, BlackBerry users put in a grand total 97 extra days that they do not get paid for. Should you worry?

Some jobs, by there very virtue, mean being connected almost around the clock. But for so many of us, an addiction to email or desire to be “in the loop” is completely by our choice. It means we whip out our devices instead of paying attention to family, friends or enemies, I suppose.

Is BlackBerry to blame? No, a Windows Mobile phone, iPhone, Android, and others that perform smartphone duties will get the job done and then some, as well. Any device that lets you check emails (the medium of choice for much of the business world) can whisk you away while your employer cashes in. Is it their fault?

Probably not. Most of us do this extra work willingly if not requesting smartphones so we can do more. Are any of us smart enough to get something added to our pay for the extra time we put in (or even get time off?) or are we just happy to still have jobs at this point?

“The recession has forced everyone to become more productive and for those with access to work at home, this is an opportunity for them to catch up or get ahead. With email on tap, employees with smartphones are able to respond a lot quicker and also get themselves prepared for the working day ahead by checking their email first thing,” says Peter Bone, Managing Director for Peninsula.

How many more hours do you put in? I have no issue copping to at least 15 hours extra per week, how about you?

*Calculations based on the following simplified numbers: Payment of $10/hour, 40 hour work week yields $400. The average BlackBerry user spends 55 hours working. To reach $400 for 55 hours of work, payment would be roughly $7.27/hour.

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  • YVES

    I am an iPhone user and do admit that I have added about 5% more hours of work into my week. That said … we must not forget that smartphone devices have helped us reduced time spent/loosing aroung our work load and house/life issues [personal phone calls, calendaring, email, budgeting … etc]. Overall, the smartphone has if used properly by individuals, help us better managed our life. It all a question of balance, not just numbers.