eBook Reader bits: IREX eReader to launch with Barnes & Noble, Sony’s PRS-600 gets caught on camera

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eBook Reader bits: iRex eReader to launch with Barnes & Noble, Sony's PRS-600 gets caught on cameraFirst up in the latest ebook news is the IREX eReader who have recently announced that they are planning to launch an 8.1-inch touchscreen reader sometime later in the year. The good news here is that the IREX eReader will have support from Barnes & Noble in the form of more than 750,000 books at launch.

Next up we have the latest Reader from Sony, the PRS-600 and it has been caught on camera, well more specifically it has been caught on video. The video comes courtesy of Flickr user Doodlydood who shows off the PRS-600 and compares it to the older PRS-505.

Unfortunately for Doodlydood (and Sony) the newer PRS-600 had some glare issues in regards to the plastic touchscreen. However, on the flip side the page turns were faster and according to the video, they worked “extremely well.”

Additionally, in regards to the two new models from Sony, both the PRS-600 and PRS-300 are expected to be available “on or about” August 31 and can be pre-ordered from Sony Style.

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