BlackBerry App World beats Windows Mobile according to Handango

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BlackBerry App WorldHandago announced today, as part of its bi-annual Handango Yardstick, that BlackBerry has taken Windows Mobile’s place as the dominant platform in its content catalog for smartphones for the first time. 44% of all apps sold in the first part of this year were for BlackBerry phones. The 5 best-selling BlackBerry apps are:

  1. Ringtone Megaplex
  2. Alltel TV
  3. Aces Texas Hold’em – No Limit
  4. Aces Solitaire Pack
  5. The Weather Channel

Games were the top selling category of BB apps, perhaps reflecting its ever growing popularity as a consumer device. Blackberry also represented 4 of the top 10 devices (The Bold, Storm, Curve and Pearl) adding software by both units sold and revenue. Almost 3,000 new apps and 229 new content partners were added. Despite Blackberry’s extraordinary growth, Windows Mobile remains Handango’s top revenue earner.

So far I’ve found BlackBerry apps to be of very high quality and much more polished and professional looking than the apps I used to buy for my old Palm smartphone. Between BlackBerry’s new App World, the continued growth of Android and of course Apple’s App Store, Windows Mobile is in for some very tough competition.

Which platform are you using? BlackBerry, Palm’s WebOS, Android, WM, or iPhone? Tell us about it and why you think it has the best apps!

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