Keep track of your kids with Amber Alert 2G GPS

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Amber Alert GPS 2GIn an effort to have parents always know where their children are, Amber Alert GPS recently unveiled a new product called Amber Alert GPS 2G which allows parents to receive the location of their children via cell phone. Assuming the GPS is on and tracking, parents can simply send a text or call a number and find out their child’s location immediately.

Designed by CEO Russ Thorton, who knows what a missing child can feel like, wanted to create a great GPS product that allows for location tracking. In addition, users have the ability to press a button that will immediately alert the parent that they are in danger. Another feature is voice monitoring so you can speak to your child from afar. In case you don’t want your child straying too far from their destination, parents have the ability to create a safe zone, called bread crumbing, by basically telling the GPS a route where the child cannot travel to. In case they wander off that path, parents will be notified.

Let’s say your child is going to a friend’s house to play, and then all of a sudden they are traveling on the highway at 80 MPH, the device will notify you because it monitors speeds as well. Possibly the most interesting feature is the ability to receive your child’s location. All you have to do is send a text “WHERE” to a specific number and it will send you the location.

Unfortunately, a gadget like this does not come cheap. The device itself will retail for $380, but there will be additional charges which start from $9.99 and go higher depending on the type of plan you opt in purchasing. Of course, the obvious alternative to something like this is a cell phone, but ultimately a child’s safety is very important. If your child is prone to wandering off, then such a device may be one to consider. Also, it is available in blue, pink, black, and silver.

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