Gadgetell Guide: Must have travel gear – iPhone edition

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As a frequent traveler, my focus has been to shed as much as I can. Here are my secrets to traveling light with enough tech to keep even a short attention span tech blogger like me happy. Maybe you can find something to help you or at the very least, be able to spot me in the airport as I run for my connection.

iPhone/iPod touch

I’ve traveled with both for the past two years. The first year with the iPod touch made me absolutely hate Wi-Fi paid providers. These guys suck. Just give us free Wi-Fi and I won’t be cranky no matter what is wrong with the plane or when they might get around to fixing it. The past year with the iPhone has made me much more sane, Wi-Fi-wise.

With an app store that is in itself entertaining, finding apps is much like being a hunter. Find the right keyword and you’ll get lucky. Otherwise just keep scrolling. There is something for almost everyone, no matter how small niche you like. For example, I am yachtsman and a cyclist. This week, I’ve been using Navionics marine app and Test Rides, a bike fitting app. Crazy cool stuff. But games like Deep pinball game, Scrabble, and Spider keep me busy for hours.

iPhone/iPod touch: $99 (plus 2-year contract)/$229 and up (though, with an expected upgrade to the iPod touch next month, hold off just a little bit)

Mophie Juice Pack

Yeah, about that busy for hours bit. You need help doing that. My battery life drains faster than a European 1 liter per flush toilet. One delay and I fear my phone will die before I get to my hotel after the flight. Enter the Mopie Juice Pack.

This thing is awesome. It encases your iPhone (or the Juice Pack for the iPod touch) and provides you with instant power. It will recharge your on board battery back to full. Plus, you can use the case to charge your phone overnight through the case charging up both the phone and the case so you are ready to do it all again tomorrow.

For those of us that use our iPhone/touch a lot and rely on the applications for fun and business, the Mophie Juice Pack is peace of mind. The form factor is completely livable. I don’t feel like I am talking into a brick when on the phone; this is a magical feat all in itself.

Mophie Juice Pack: $79.99


Any file on my computer back in the office is on my iPhone thanks to SugarSync. I can send the files via a secure link to my clients with a suave iPhone app and the in-the-cloud storage does the rest. As a bonus, the desktop software automatically syncs my stuff to the cloud so I never have to worry about having the latest docs while I am on the go. Photos, music, docs, it is all there waiting for me. I love that.

I reviewed this a while back and just paid up to go another year.

Sugar Sync: $4.99 per month and up.

AT&T Navigator

AT&T Navigator is a must have app for traveling with an iPhone or other compatible phone on the AT&T network. TeleNav, the brains behind the GPS, also builds navigation applications for other carriers such as Sprint and Verizon. Forget paying extra for a rental car with GPS or hauling around a stand alone device and cables. This app can more than do the job.

With its integration with your contact list and healthy list of POIs, Navigator voice guides you to your destination complete with visual instructions. I’ve been using this application for some time now and it works just as you would imagine or hope. Easy, clear and precise, the GPS navigation needs only a cell connection to download a map at the beginning of the trip or if you take a wrong turn. Out of cell service area? No GPS.

If there’s an airport, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got cell service. As a bonus, there’s little chance of you leaving the rental car without your phone, so lost or stolen GPS units become no worry.

AT&T Navigator: $9.99 per month, free application.

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