Sporting News partners with Zumobi to create a new football iPhone app

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Sporting News Pro Football applicationSporting News Pro Football application, developed by Sporting News and Zumobi, is a new app designed to give football fans the latest information. For instance, users will have the ability to find out the latest stats, scores, standings, headline stories, breaking news, and insights and analysis. Team customization allows for specific information updates based on favorite teams.

Football fans will definitely want to take advantage of this free app as it provides another way to find information pretty much instantly. Stats, scoreboards, and content are major focal points of the app as it centers around that information. On the main page, it is possible to navigate through breaking news, game scores, standings, stats, and team rosters.

Since it is a free app, I doubt live video coverage will be available, at least not yet anyway. Such an app can definitely be useful for avid fantasy football players. If you have ever participated in fantasy football, or any fantasy sport for that matter, I’m sure you start paying attention to the stats more and more often because you want to know if your chosen players performed well. Having instant access to the latest stats from pretty much anywhere is definitely a great help. I’m sure many fantasy football players who have iPhones or iPod touches will consider downloading the Sporting News Pro Football app.

Zumobi and Sporting News are no strangers to the App Store, as they created a baseball app together last year. Personally, I find the MLB At Bat 2009 app to be highly enticing, however, one thing remains clear, the iPhone is becoming a haven for many sport apps. And why not? I remember an ad on ESPN about how the iPhone can provide instant sports updates (such as the MLB At Bat app) and the ability to play different types of sport games. It will be interesting to see how many other sports centered apps are created and how popular they become.

I would love to see Sporting News and Zumobi integrate live video feeds, or video highlights, into their app, even if it means marketing a paid app.

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