Put yourself in the movies with Yoostar, a DIY green-screen system

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.yoostar puts you in the movies

Ever wanted to sidle up alongside Rambo in ‘Nam? Maybe you wanted to be part of the Goonie gang and add your own truffle shuffle? Perhaps your gaming skills could help fight the Kodan Armada? Whatever your cause, the Yoostar can make it happen.

Yoostar is a “studio grade” webcam (their description, not mine – I didn’t even know studios use webcams), portable green screen with a stand, and a remote control. It works like this: Step 1: search for and purchase scenes from the Yoostar website. Scenes cost $2.99 each and users can choose from movies and television shows as well as just backgrounds and commercials. The selection isn’t huge but there are some pretty interesting choices from Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America” to Charlie Sheen’s “Major League” to Stalone’s “Rocky III.” The company says there are hundreds of choices and does take suggested movies you’d like to see added.

Here’s a scene uploaded to the site:

Yoostar users need to choose a role in the scene they’ve purchased and then it is time to shoot. Once users are finished, they can upload to the Yoostar site where links can be sent via Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

According to the FAQs, you can’t do a lot with your recorded performance besides upload it to their site. Those hoping to add special effects via other video editing programs are out of luck. People hoping to download the video to other computers or portable video players will be disappointed, because Yoostar does not let you do that either.

Yoostar is $169.99 and is available now and comes stock with 12 scenes.

Product website: [Yoostar]

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