New technologies open up wireless electricity to consumers

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Witricity, a wireless electricity developer, predicts that televisions and computers may stop relying on their power cords for operation within the year. Witricity is on the verge of releasing technology that powers light bulbs wirelessly from a wall socket placed several feet away. Witricity works by converting electric power into a magnetic field and then sending it through the air at a particular frequency.

The CEO of the company, Eric Giler expects that this technology can help consumers get rid of power cords and batteries. It can stop consumer reliance on disposable batteries and become greener. Although wireless technology has been in the works for years, it has never been developed well enough to be offered commercially. For instance, Powercast is a company that offers wireless electricity to low power appliances. However, their technology does not have the ability to power products such as laptops and mobile phones.

To accept the wireless power, the technology will need to be added to electronic devices. Giler says this will not cost much and thinks that as long as companies were willing to make the tweak, it could greatly reduce the environmental impact of disposable batteries.

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