Sony bits from IFA: 1 hit, 1 miss, 1 meh

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Yesterday, Sony launched their new marketing slogan: Make. Believe. The idea is whatever you can think up, Sony can make. The products the company showed off yesterday show some of this idea while some were classic old Sony.

Sony xperia 2 set to launch this fall

Xperia 2: Miss

Sony launched the Xperia 2. You’ll remember the oohs and aahs from the Xperia one that took forever to launch and then finally did to little fanfare. The 2 will run at $1000 unsubsidized and runs Windows Mobile 6.5 (so we won’t see it before October 6th for sure). The phone features a familiar slide out keyboard 480×800 touchscreen and 8.1mp camera with autofocus. All the right answers but nothing outstanding.

sexy carbon fiber sony vaio slimster

Vaio X: Hit

At IFA, Sony showed off a few interesting things, chief among them was the ultra slim Sony Vaio X. Adorned with sexy carbon fiber, the Vaio X weighs in at under 1.5 lbs and is expected to be powered by an Atom chip and have unprecedented battery life (Sony says, “all day and all night battery life”). There are very few specs on this, other than it looks hot, but the price is sure to be the buzzkill.

Sony TX1 cybershot features touchscreen and cool panorama mode

TX1 Cybershot: meh

Sony also showed off their latest TX1 Cybershot camera. The TX1 features a one-touch automatic panorama mode as well as low-light sensitivity. This one was announced last month and was waved about on stage showing off how proud Sony is of the panorama mode.

Thankfully Sir Stringer, Sony CEO spoke about 3D and fulfilled the expectation that Sony is getting more than knee deep in the game. You can read all about it here.

Stay tuned to Gadgetell for more IFA coverage.

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