Samsung announces new 2TB S3 Station and S2 portable external hard drives

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At IFA 2009, Samsung announced two new external hard drives, the S3 Station and the S2 portable, both of which are external hard drives. The 3.5-inch S3 Station features 2TB of storage, while the 2.5 inch S2 portable stores 640GB worth of data. Both of these devices are set to complement the other hard drives in Samsung’s S series.

Customers will be hard pressed to find 2.5 inch portable external hard drives that store greater than 500GB, as Samsung’s S2 portable is the successor to the previous 500GB model. While 140GB more storage space may not seem like a lot, take a minute to consider the fact that 140GB can store “128,000 digital images, 160,000 MP3 music files, or 77 hours of high definition movies.”

In addition, 1TB and 1.5TB are common 3.5 inch external hard drives, as there aren’t a whole lot of 2TB drives out there. However, Samsung will begin selling the 2TB S3 Station beginning next year. Available in a piano black glossy casing, the S3 Station is designed to store all of your media files as well as taking up minimal desk space. An important feature within external hard drives is the amount of security and protection included by the manufacturer. Users familiar with the S series will recall security software such as Auto Backup, SafetyKey, and SecretZone. Samsung has included those three softwares within both of the new hard drives.

Furthermore, Samsung claims that the S2 portable is 17% smaller than other 2.5 inch hard drives, which allows for reduced failure rates, and less power consumption. Both of these devices feature USB 2.0 connectivity and fast transfer rates. The S2 portable is set to hit retail stores sometime in September, while the S3 Station will be available sometime early next year. Unfortunately, no word on pricing at this time.

Via [Samsung Press Release]

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