Dell launches new laptops, desktops

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Dell XPS Studio 8000Making sure to avoid getting buried by the Apple (presumably iPod) announcement tomorrow, Dell today announced a number of new computers. The new machines come in the form of a new desktop with options for Intel Core i5s or Core i7s and two new slim laptops.

Dell’s new desktops

To start, the new desktop is the Dell Studio XPS 8000, and even with the standard feature set it is fairly impressive for a gaming, home theater or image/video editing PC. The Dell Studio XPS 8000 starts at $799 with an Intel Core i7, 4 GB of RAM, integrated 7.1 surround sound, and an ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB, which isn’t bad at all. Upgrades include the aforementioned Core i7, up to a monstrous 16 GB of RAM, and Blu-ray read-only or burnable drive. Looks to be a good deal no matter what the specs.

New Inspirons, too

The two new “ultra-slim” laptops come in the form of the Inspiron 14z and 15z. Both are using Intel’s Utra-Low Voltage (ULV) to provide lots of battery life, to the tune of 4 or 8 hours from 4 and 8 cell batteries, respectively. They each feature Intel Core 2 Solo, Core 2, or Core 2 Duo processors, and, unlike the Inspiron 11z, both the 14z and 15z have a DVD-drive. Aside from the ULV technology and the reduced size (each stand at less than 1 inch thick when closed), they are pretty much the same as the Inspiron 14 and 15, though the added battery life may be worth the extra money.

Hold your horses?

The new computers are definitely nice machines, but it might be worth it to hold off on buying them for at least a month and a half. At this point, with Windows 7 looming at the end of next month, buying a PC right now is probably not worth the hassle of installing the new OS. Unless you really need a new computer of laptop right now, just hold off on these until they have 7 instead of Vista pre-installed. Or, of course, there’s always a Snow Leopard installed Mac.

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