AT&T announces “A-List” calling, gives users unlimited free domestic calls to any five numbers

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AT&T announces AT&T has just announced the upcoming availability of A-List calling. This new feature will be available beginning September 20 and allows individual users to choose any 5 domestic numbers (or family users to choose any 10 domestic numbers) and add them to a VIP list and be able to call them for free. Basically this will give AT&T a feature that competes with Verizon’s Friends and Family calling as well as T-Mobile’s myFaves.

The AT&T plan does come with a catch though, you have to be on a calling plan that qualifies. The rules state that you need to be on an Individual calling plan that is priced at $59.99 or higher, or a Family calling plan that is priced at $89.99 or higher.

What that means to me is that I am not able to lower my calling plan to the lowest possible minutes and then use my Google Voice number for all of my outbound calls. Still, the A-List seems to be a nice option, especially for those numbers you are always calling.

As suggested by AT&T, review your bill to find the numbers you call most often, then beginning September 20 you can add them to your VIP list. Just make sure the numbers you add are not other AT&T customers that you would be getting for free with Mobile to Mobile.

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