The Android phone you’ve been holding out for: Motorola CLIQ with Blur technology

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The Android phone you've been holding out for: Motorola CLIQ with Blur technology

Today, in San Fransisco Motorola took the covers off their new comeback plan and it is Android all the way. The company announced CLIQ , the first phone to feature Motorola’s new customized Android UI and so far, the response has been impressive. The phone looks to make apps simple, instead of just offering thousands of them.

One of the big features of the phone is no logins. All your social networking, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are all right there on the homescreen. Motorola says you can update all your networks at the same time through the same simple interface. The demo over at Moto’s site shows this is pretty simple but very efficient stuff. They call it “streaming your friends”.

The calendar looks to incorporate both your work calendar (confirmed Exchange) and your personal calendar. Sweet. Further, Contacts adds status updates from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as well as profile images and history. Very impressive. Profile pics and latest status updates appear when contacts phone you, now that is slick.

The messaging app as some cool sorting abilities (group, friend, type of message, where it came from or when it arrived) as well as not needing to open an app. Since the widget is on the homescreen, the latest emails, texts and updates are all right there. Users can simple click on them to respond.

Motorola is also emphasizing security. From Motorola’s site:

MOTOBLUR continuously updates and backs up your information into a secure environment. So you’re connected and protected, even if you lose your phone. Your friends and feeds are back on your new phone in a few simple clicks.

The spec list is impressive: 5mp camera, GPS, 3G, 320×480 HVGA screen, Video, WiFi, 6 hour continuous usage battery. Sounds like everything one could hope for.

Check it out: [Motorola]

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