HP’s MediaSmart Server gets more Mac-friendly

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HP’s MediaSmart Server gets more Mac-friendly

HP’s line of home servers has grown with the introduction of the EX490 and the EX495. What’s the difference between these two besides 5? The EX490 has a single core Intel chip with 1TB of hard drive space and costs $549. The EX495 has a dual core Intel processor with 1.5TB of space with a price tag of $699.

HP’s MediaSmart Server can constantly convert your videos so you can access them in more web-friendly formats. The dual core processor can handle transcoding faster than a single core processor. The video conversion tools are also tweaked giving the user the ability to choose file formats, video and audio bit rates, resolutions, and more.

These machines are also more Mac-friendly since Macs can now access the administration panel. Linux machines are still out of luck when it comes to admin, but any computer with a web browser can access files on the server. You will still need a Windows machine for the initial set up.

The MediaSmart Server line will also see a software store pop up soon that will give access to software for your server and software for client machines.

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  • Charles Wilkes

    I bought an HP media smart home server with Microsoft home server software already installed about a year and a half ago, being one of the first to be sold. I've had real experts come out and try to make it work, but it has never worked since I bought it. I have five 500 GB drive installed (4 inside, and 1 topside) for a total of 2.5 TB which have never had any use whatsoever, since I got them only for the home server.

    It has never had an update to the software or to the firmware, and I don't know what is now required. But now I use Macs, but still have a windows system around which I seldom use, so I could install updates to the home server, since they don't appear to support Macs.

    Can anyone suggest what I need to do to get it to work. I really only want it to expand the hard disk space on my local network, and not support access over the internet.

    Charles Wilkes, San Jose, Calif.