Facebook tops 300 million users and is becoming profitable

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Wow. Not only did Facebook wow us with reaching 300 million active users today, but they also announced they are getting to a cash positive position. That’s right, they are covering costs for keeping the monstrous social networking site going. Impressive work, but they are not done yet.

As of today, Facebook now serves 300 million people across the world. It’s a large number, but the way we think about this is that we’re just getting started on our goal of connecting everyone. – Mark Zuckerberg

Back in July, Facebook said they were at 250 million users and in the following 75 days added 265,000 users a day. This number is interesting because back in July, the Chinese government began blocking China. Sure enough, my quick test over at, a site that checks to see if a web page is accessible from China, shows Facebook is still off limits.

Mark Zuckerberg said he expected his company to go cash positive in 2010. To his credit, the company achieved this goal last quarter according to his blog post. How is Facebook making money? Inside Facebook says,

A combination of revenue streams: Facebook’s self-service ad business has been very strong lately, it continues to invest heavily in brand advertising efforts, and it also continues to release many experimental expansions to its virtual goods and virtual currency business, Facebook Credits. The company is also still deriving revenue from its advertising deal with Microsoft, signed when Microsoft invested in Facebook in 2007.

It isn’t clear which part of Facebook’s revenue is growing and company officials are not saying. Perhaps they’ve found the right combo?

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