Video and photos of the Moto Cliq, Motorola’s Android with MotoBlur phone

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Gadgetell got some hands on time with the Motorola Cliq, Moto’s Android phone. Motorola added its own shell on top of Android called MotoBlur which aggregates all your social networks and e-mail to give you a head’s up display on what’s going on with your friends. The Cliq features a slider keyboard and glass touchscreen so you can communicate in style. So what were our impressions on this phone? Keep reading.

The Motorola Cliq is definitely a step in the right direction for the struggling Moto. The build-quality on the phone is quite good with a very sturdy feel while remaining lightweight. Now that Moto is using Google’s Android OS to run its phones, Moto had the ability to focus on its MotoBlur UI. When you power up the phone you are greeted with widgets all over the front screen showing Twitter and Facebook updates. You can choose which widget to have on the front screen. If you would like to view your friends activities in a list, you can go to the “Happenings” app which provides updates with all services or just Twitter or just Facebook.

The phone’s interface was quite snappy and selecting items from menus seemed to work well — the touchscreen is quite responsive. Additionally, if the phone is closed and you wish to send a SMS or other message, Android’s built-in soft keyboard appears. Opening up the slider exposes a very roomy and very responsive keyboard and rotates the screen to a landscape mode. The physical keyboard was very comfortable for typing.

Underneath the MotoBlur UI is still Android so there is plenty of customizing possible and the settings page may scare some newbies. However, that isn’t the fault of Motorola. This Android + phone company UI model may be the best way to use Google’s free OS.

Product Site: [Moto Cliq]

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  • glenn84

    I am impressed with Motorola's first android phone. The Cliq has a good design. Features are really great. The best part is users can easily connect to facebook, twitter etc. The keyboard is very comfortable. For more details refer