Powermat finally coming? Launch scheduled for October 4, 2009

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Powermat finally coming?  Launch scheduled for October 4, 2009

We first laid eyes on Powermat back at CES in January 2009. The system would charge your electronics wirelessly. All you had to do was place an adapter on your phone and then place that device on a charging mat. Wireless charging was supposed to become a reality from Powermat around the summer of 2009. Fast forward to today and there are several competitors that have already released products in the wireless charging world, including Duracell. Powermat says that the wait is almost over.

October 4, 2009 is set to be launch day for Powermat’s adapters for the iPhone, iPods, Nintendo DS, several BlackBerrys, and Bluetooth headsets. BlackBerry receivers replace the battery door for charging. The iPhone will have a case that surrounds the phone. iPods can be charged via a dock.

There is still one product shown at CES 2009 that will not appear until Q1 of 2010 — the high power receivers and charging stations. These would be for charging laptops and even powering things like kitchen appliances so your kitchen could have less wires. Let’s see what happens.

Company Site: [Powermat]

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