World’s first Superspeed HD video camera: USB 3.0 is blazing fast

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World's first Superspeed HD video camera: USB 3.0 is blazing fast

At Intel’s Developer Forum, companies Point Grey and Fresco Logic are showing off the world’s first USB 3.0 streaming HD video camera. The unit streams 1920 x 1080 video at 60 frames per second and streams uncompressed from the Point Grey camera to the Fresco Logic controller. Clearly, USB 3.0 is fast.

“We are very excited to partner with Fresco Logic and be able to visually demonstrate the bandwidth offered by USB 3.0,” says Vlad Tucakov, Director of Sales and Marketing at Point Grey. “One of the potential benefits of the increased bandwidth of USB 3.0 is that it allows the main processor to handle compression. This means that different types of compression can be used for different applications and that some applications, like face recognition, can work on uncompressed video data for increased performance. We certainly see USB 3.0 as a key interface technology for machine and computer vision, and one we plan to integrate into future Point Grey imaging products.”

Allowing applications to pick and choose what definition video is required for processing is a big step forward and would open up things like power saving, faster performance, and better processing. Video is one category that is sure to benefit from the autobahn-like speeds of USB 3.0, but not the only.

Any portable storage device that connects via USB can take advantage of the higher speeds. Even things like iPhones could see a huge boost in sync times (you know, if Apple figures out the quirks behind iPod back up and the other hiccups in syncing). The act of connecting a device and walking away while it syncs could soon be a thing of the past.

Company site: [Point Grey]

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  • glenn84

    Its great to hear that Point Grey and Fresco Logic are now partners and come up with new innovative products. People expect a lot from this camera. Shooting is fun and at great speed. In terms of performance, it will rock. For more details on other models refer

  • nickylove

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