Home theater systems in 3-D expected in 2010

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Home theater systems in 3-D expected in 2010As 3-D movies become more popular and theaters continue to make upgrades to house these films, it is a natural progression that TV makers capitalize on the industry and start to produce 3-D television sets. Sony and Panasonic have both announced 3-D TVs to be released in 2010 along with sets in the works from Mitsubishi and JVC.

For the sets to work, consumers will need to purchase the TV and 3-D glasses as well as find broadcasts in 3-D. ESPN is now currently testing filming sports events in 3-D, which would allow TV owners to watch games where the players seemingly jump out of the screens. The way that the TVs will work is that two images will alternate rapidly on the set. Shutters on the 3-D glasses switch the user’s vision from right eye to left eye at the same rate: 240 hertz for the images simultaneously. The TV will communicate with the 3-D glasses through a sensor that’s placed between the lenses.

No pricing have been officially announced for the 3-D sets, but manufacturers have indicated that the TVs will be comparable in cost to high def sets.

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  • glenn84

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