Internet Explorer to support HTML5 video tag, is Adobe Flash on the way out?

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Internet Explorer to support HTML5 video tagMicrosoft gets a lot of flack for not following web standards in Internet Explorer. In the past couple of years, MS has made an active move to become more standards compliant. If you downloaded the latest version of Firefox, you may have seen the HTML5 video tag in action. It is an easy way for people to put video on a website without needing plugins. Microsoft announced that their Internet Explorer will support the HTML5 video tag.

What does this mean? It should mean that many sites may dump plug-ins for video like Flash, Silverlight, and Quicktime and just opt for HTML5 since Microsoft is now on board with the standard. Firefox already supports the HTML video tag as do Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

While IE may support the HTML5 video tag, we don’t know how well IE will handle the video tag. Ask any person who has designed a website to be compatible for every browser – then mention IE6. You might want to step back.

Read: [Open Video Alliance]

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