T-Mobile cuts myTouch 3G price down to $149.99

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T-Mobile cuts myTouch 3G price down to $149.99The Android-based myTouch 3G has not even been available for a full two months, however that has not stopped T-Mobile from slashing the price. I guess T-Mobile has finally realized that the $199 price tag was a little higher than many were willing to pay. That said, I am not sure that the new price of $149.99 is going to help it all that much, especially considering the early excitement around some of the other soon-to-be-released Android handsets such as the Motorola Cliq.

As far as that $149.99 price tag, it still comes with the required two-year contract, but on the positive side there is not any mail-in rebate that you will have to deal with. Maybe this price cut, along with their recent celebrity advertising can help to convince a few more people to make a purchase.

Of course, this just means that we now need to see T-Mobile finally do something with the G1 price, they are still trying to sell it for $129.99. Granted that is not a bad price, except when you realize that both Amazon and Wal-Mart are selling the same phone for under $100 bucks.

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